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Short and sweet.

A wide mug with happy expressions; microwaveable food-safe glaze with multi-colour dots, and pink glaze interiors. Dot colours will vary from piece to piece and might not be exactly as pictured. Appx 8 cm wide x 6 cm tall + handle.

Please note that since each piece is individually handmade with love and care, there can be variations between pieces. This means no Mug is exactly alike, which makes each one so unique!

Sad Tazzina are the same quality as regular Tazzina, but with upside down mouths.

Misfits are the same dimensions and functionality as our regular ceramics, but have some cosmetic issues. These might be: small cracks, smudged glaze, missing glaze details, etc. Misfit orders are non-refundable.

Handmade in Canada by Michelle from Michelle Dunham Ceramics.

Ships from Canada.

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