Knit Care Instructions

Everyone loves a chunky knit sweater, but they require a little TLC to maximize their longevity and look their best.

Wear Advice: 

  • Be careful when wearing your knit with jewellery to ensure you don't snag the yarn on sharp edges, especially rings or bracelets!
  • Wearing another layer under your sweater (T shirt, cami, etc) helps prevent sweat, natural body oils, and body lotion from transferring to your sweater and decreases the need for washing
  • Pilling (tiny fuzzy balls of wool on the surface of your knit) is normal in 100% wool, and very likely to occur in areas where the wool rubs on itself or on your other clothes. Pills can be removed with a sweater shaver, sweater stone, or sharp scissors. Removing by hand isn't recommended for these pieces. These are hand knit pieces, so they are likely to decrease pilling over time.
  • As much as we want to wear these pieces every day, leaving them in storage for at least 24 hours after wearing gives the fibers a chance to recover from a day of stretching, friction, and other damage.

 Wash Instructions: 

  • Maintain your sweater between cleanings by shaking out to remove dust and not disturb the fibers
  • Spot clean when needed with a small amount of wool-safe laundry detergent and minimal rubbing
  • For a full wash, add a small amount of wool-safe detergent to warm water in a wash basin. Submerge your sweater and allow to soak for a few minutes. Gently agitate the sweater to lift out dirt and grease, but don't wring or scrub the item. Empty the wash basin and re-fill with pure water to rinse off your sweater. Give a final rinse under the tap if needed to remove any last traces of detergent.
  • To dry, gently but firmly roll up into a towel to remove excess water. Unroll and lay your sweater flat to dry, adjusting where needed to even out the shape. We recommend adjusting the rib knit at the hems to make sure they don't stretch out while drying. For quicker drying, place your sweater near a sunny window on a towel, and flip over every few hours. If drying on a rack, be sure to reposition every few hours to make sure the sweater doesn't pull itself out of shape.
  • If the above is a little too much effort, feel free to bring your sweater to your local dry cleaner, and be sure to advise them that the piece is 100% wool.

Remember: Felting is irreversible. While you may have success putting your sweater inside a pillow case/delicates bag, then washing on the wool setting of your washing machine at a cold temperature, we cannot guarantee this method, so be prepared for permanent changes or damage to your sweater.

Never put wool sweaters in a tumble dryer.

Storage Guidelines:

  • Sweaters are best stored folded up in a drawer or box. To prevent pilling in storage, you can even store the sweater in a laundry bag or other barrier to prevent it rubbing your other clothes.
  • If you hang it up, please use a padded hanger to avoid it stretching out of shape

We want you to get many years of love out of your sweater, so if you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us at customer service!