Our Process

From a shapeless lump of clay, to a unique ceramic piece full of personality. 

The Beginnings

Most of my ceramic pieces are first sketches which then take physical shape at the wheel. I keep a certain consistency to identify the models I offer, but I am not too precise with my work, as the beauty of owning a handmade product is that no two pieces look exactly alike.

Modelling stage

I most often use white stoneware, either smooth or speckled. I select high temperature glazes to brush onto the majority of a piece, and then go in with underglazes for the details. Once at the leather hard stage, I trim the bottoms and add the handles and faces, at which point I often giggle to myself and find out what the personality of a particular piece is like. In fact, depending on the placement of each feature, the emotions given to my ceramics vary and I enjoy seeing how they come along.

Firing Stage

I let everything fully dry for at least a week before bisque firing, and then take my time painting on 3 coats of glaze to fire once again for the final result. Opening the kiln is always thrilling: seeing a successfully completed piece is the best feeling, and I hope whenever you see any of my work, it can transmit some of that over to you.

Final Stage

After creating the initial design, I now share this with our partner studios in Canada where a team of skilled ceramicists craft larger quantities of the Clay Gang so that more people can enjoy Maì creations in their home.