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9Kt gold dainty hoop earrings made from twisted wire and small chain + backing closure. Great on their own, but designed to fit any Maì accents charms.

Available in: yellow gold; white gold.

Measurements: 3cm hoop.

Care: gold is a soft material; scratches are normal but can be polished to reveal the original shine. Neither colour option will be affected by water, however, note that in order to obtain white gold, the jewellery is dipped into rhodium which gives it that shiny silver effect. This may wear off over long periods of time, but can easily be re-dipped.

Note: these earrings are made with a 1mm gold wire that can bend in case of applied force especially when closing the clasp. If you are finding it difficult to close/open, wipe the earrings as well as your fingers to assure a better grip.

Nickel-free. White gold jewellery is dipped in Rhodium.

Handmade in Italy.

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